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 2018 Buyer’s Guide For Pharmacy Owners

As an independent pharmacy or small chain owner, you’re caught in the “Big Squeeze.” Sky-high generic costs shrink your revenue, while meager reimbursements crush your margins. Download this free Independent Pharmacy Buyer’s Guide to discover:

Struggling to compete against big chains who seem to have the odds stacked in their favor?

Not anymore. Savvy pharmacy owners are fighting back to level the playing field, by taking advantage of new resources available for the first time, to pay rock-bottom prices with discounts of 85% or more. These deals are not available to big chains like CVS and Walgreens, giving you the edge you need to compete and win. Download this free guide to discover amazing discounts and savings that you may not be aware of, and start slashing costs and increasing margins today.

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  • Little-known resources and solutions to boost your margins exponentially
  • Four key advantages you have over big chains
  • Which distributors sell the same drugs at a fraction of the price
  • Why large chains cannot take advantage of these discounts
  • The problem that makes so-called “discount distributors” not worth your time
  • And much more

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The “Perfect Storm” crippling your margins

Learn why several key factors have converged to handcuff pharmacies, including radical new insurance structures, unpredictable FDA guidelines, and more. Plus: the REAL reasons generic prices have spiked, despite continuously plunging reimbursements.

Why big chains seem “immune” to the struggle

Learn how large chains like CVS and Walgreens manage to stay profitable despite lower margins. Plus: four big advantages that independent pharmacies and small chains are currently leveraging to grab deals not available to larger chains.

Why small pharmacies are struggling more than ever

Find out which recent industry changes have wreaked havoc, forcing independent pharmacies to lose a big revenue source, and why most “discount distributors” are not a viable solution.

How to compete by finding discounts up to 85% and more on popular generics

Discover why one distributor offers huge discounts on a large supply of popular generics, allowing independent pharmacies to slash costs and boost margins. Find out how you can find hundreds of deals, in just a few minutes a week!

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